Familia's New Board Series: Eadweard J. Muybridge (9 April 1830 – 8 May 1904) was an English photographer, known for his pioneering work on animal locomotion which used multiple cameras to capture motion. His method was the origin of sequence photography. Modern day skateboarding uses sequence photography (primarily in skateboard magazines) to capture moments in time that tell a story. Familia is proud to present the Muybridge series, in homage to the creation of an art form that is very central to the documentation of skateboarding. Each premium deck consists of Muybridge film strips which showcase animal movements, the strips run along the bottom of each deck and continue on the top. Available in 5 different graphics. Cockatoo Flying 8.25 Cat Trotting Changing to a Gallop 8 Egyptian Camel Racking 8.1 Fish Hawk Flying 8 Ruth Bucking & Kicking 775 (click the image to the larger version) Boards now in store!