Here at Baseline, not only do we have a newly designed store and logo, we also have a new outlook on life.

Skateboard manufacturing and urban life in general can be particularly wasteful and this has a negative impact on the environment. We are making a conscious effort to try to reduce our impact on the environment by recycling waste and by finding ways to reuse discarded goods.

The interior of our store is now fitted with wooden panels and shoe racks which were cut from scrap wooden beams.

We have adopted a ‘No Plastic!’ policy and all of our shopping bags are now brown paper bags.

The old boards which skateboarders leave at the store are given to either Juan Smit or James Harris.

Juan recycles old boards into a variety of unique pieces, including utensils, serving platters, display racks, rings, photo frames and even lamps.

James takes old boards and repurposes them into cruiser shapes with pointed noses and square tails. He also gives them wheel arches for cruising with loose trucks. The boards are pre-gripped and resold.

We constantly receive new deliveries and that means we end up with a lot of cardboard all over the store. We take our cardboard boxes up to Citi Scrap at 29 New Church Street. Bob at Citi Scrap sends them off for recycling, he has been running the place for 25 years and he’s always willing to take whatever you don’t need, so pay him a visit.

Plenty of trees are cut down in order to manufacture the skateboards which we ride for only a few weeks, we support those who make the effort to prolong the lifespan of this precious resource.

Rethink - Recycle - Reinvent