December is always a wash with year end functions. From office parties in restaurants to 'amazing race' type events designed to boost employee satisfaction. We're a skate shop so we weren't about to have our Xmas party in just a random restaurant. We wanted to go skateboarding. We got the whole crew together at the shop after work on Saturday afternoon, piled into cars and drove up to Langebaan. The crew consisted of Adrian, Clint, Warwick, Donovyn, Luke, Khulu, Pieter, Justin, Darren and Loucas. Kanya was away on an Element trip and Yann was at some hippy festival so we subbed in Mark Donaldson and Joubert van Staden to keep the roster at 12.
It was as hot as hell but we managed to skate Langebaan's fun little concrete park for a couple hours before heading to our backpackers for the evening (near the Saldanha Bay turn-off). This is where the actual party went down! We had a bunch of rooms with bunk beds and a kitchen but we spent the whole time around our fire pit in the woods. A veggie barbecue was followed by wizard staffs and naturally the night descended into drunken debauchery.
We had 5 wizards at the end of the night: Loucas, Khulu, Joubert, Pieter and Darren.
However, the real story of the night was Darren. His staff was at neck height when we ran out of beers and he wasn't about to lose out on wizard status so he decided to attach a bottle of red wine to his staff and ended up going full-retard!
The hangover squad pulled itself together the following day and headed back to the Langebaan park to skate in the heat for a few hours. Adrian and Mark drank more, Darren was passed out on a mattress and the rest of us sweated in the park.
Finally, we hit the beach briefly and drove back to Cape Town on Sunday evening.
Big thanks to Clint for organising everything from food and drinks to shooting photos and making sure everyone actually survived!