We have a local skateboarder ‘job shadowing’ with us for the week and we've decided to do a little interview with him on our site. Just so you know why he’s lurking in the shop all week. Ladies...he’s a little shy but just say ‘Hi’, he’s a nice guy! Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Meet - David Shiffman





Where do you stay?



Camps Bay High.

The Best thing about your school?

We are allowed to skate.

Worst thing about your school?

Longboarders everywhere.

Blondes or Brunettes?


Who is the hottest girl at Camps Bay High?

Stulinski says: Chelsea, Athena and Ashley.

Go-to trick?


In any CT crews?

Hans Solo.

Why is nobody allowed into your house?

Strict parents.


Baseline is the place to go.

Favourite Baseline Team rider?


Favourite Baseline Employee?

I can’t say when they are all standing next to me...

Favourite items at Baseline?

Local boards and Nike SBs.

Best thing about working at BL?

Skate videos on the TV all day.

Worst thing about working at BL?

Going all the way to Burger King for Warwick and Donovyn.

Local rats who spend the most time lurking in the shop?

Luke Stulinski


Fat Boy Zach


5 favourite skate videos?

Black Label – Blackout

Real – Roll Forever

Anything with Cardiel

eS – Menikmati

The Strange Notes vids

Which is worse, longboarding or pushing Mongo?

Longboarders who push mongo.

Favourite Spot in CT?

Thibault Square.