The Cape Town premiere of Issue 20 went down at ‘Hectic on Hope’ on Friday night and everyone came out to celebrate AV’s 10th anniversary with us. Thanks to Monster Energy for organising the party and to Session Magazine for sponsoring Session Beer! Black Antler and Black Lung played sets following the screening and things got progressively more ruckus as the night continued. The video should be out this week! All Photos by – Grant Mclachlan _Y3B8796 _Y3B9166 _Y3B9172 _Y3B9190 _Y3B9196 _Y3B9210 _Y3B9212 _Y3B9213 _Y3B9223 _Y3B9224 _Y3B9226 _Y3B9228 _Y3B9229 _Y3B9230 _Y3B9231 _Y3B9232 _Y3B9235 _Y3B9238 _Y3B9240 _Y3B9242 _Y3B9244 _Y3B9246 _Y3B9250 _Y3B9252 _Y3B9253 _Y3B9264 _Y3B9266 _Y3B9267 _Y3B9273 _Y3B9275 _Y3B9279 _Y3B9284 _Y3B9286 _Y3B9287 _Y3B9288 _Y3B9289 _Y3B9291 _Y3B9310 _Y3B9311 _Y3B9320 _Y3B9357 _Y3B9369 _Y3B9380 _Y3B9382 _Y3B9387