WeSC-The-Korvlover-Collection-Events-Fashion-No-Rest-For-The-Obsessed-01 Baseline will be launching the the Korvlover Capsule collection at the end of next week. Designed by WeActivist Danijel ‘Jugga’ Stankovic the collection is one big hotdog feast. WeSC just loves sausage parties and transformed this iconic sandwich into a fun, yet wearable collection. How a simple pattern of hotdogs can make you hungry..?! WeSC-The-Korvlover-Collection-Events-Fashion-No-Rest-For-The-Obsessed-02 “I just love hotdogs, been using the #korvlover tag forever and friends from all over the world now tag their hotdogs too so I can see them – turning into a little #korvlover community, and it was time to take that next step. I introduced my idea about a capsule collection to WeSC and they loved it, and got it right away. My love of hotdogs and lets have some fun with the skate and streetwear industry…cause we all tend to hang, no pun intended, at a lot of sausage parties – don’t we?” -Danijel Stankovic WeSC-The-Korvlover-Collection-Events-Fashion-No-Rest-For-The-Obsessed-05 WeSC-The-Korvlover-Collection-Events-Fashion-No-Rest-For-The-Obsessed-08 WeSC-The-Korvlover-Collection-Events-Fashion-No-Rest-For-The-Obsessed-06 WeSC-The-Korvlover-Collection-Events-Fashion-No-Rest-For-The-Obsessed-07 WeSC-The-Korvlover-Collection-Events-Fashion-No-Rest-For-The-Obsessed-03 WeSC-The-Korvlover-Collection-Events-Fashion-No-Rest-For-The-Obsessed-04