IMG_5966 Last weekend we embarked on our annual Xmas party voyage. This year we were joined by our mates at Session and AV from the Office up the road - Bod, AD and Joubert. Adrian had a gig with Night Beats in town and Loucas is a tampon so unfortunately those two couldn’t make it. The crew headed out when the shop closed at 3PM on Saturday afternoon. We decided to camp at Palmiet, right on the beach. Just down the road is a concrete mini ramp in the Kleinmond ghetto. Wizard staffs were already underway as everybody slayed the ramp. Later we headed back to camp, made veggie burgers on the fire and things went full retard into the night. We had five wizards by the end of the night – Khulu, Bod, Yann, Pieter and Kanya. The next day a few of the lads hit Palmiet beach to go surfing while most of the crew were trying to deal with their hangovers. Finally, we headed around the bay to Hermanus where we took on The Blob! Check out a few pics below and check out #baselinexmas on Instagram for more antics. [gallery columns="2" ids="3418,3417,3416,3415,3414,3413,3409,3407,3406,3405,3404,3403,3402,3401,3400,3399,3398,3397,3396,3395,3394,3393,3392,3391,3390,3389,3388,3387,3386,3385,3384,3383,3382,3381,3380,3379,3378,3377,3376,3375,3374,3373,3372,3371,3370,3369,3368,3367,3366,3365,3364,3363,3362,3361,3360,3359,3358,3357,3356,3355,3354,3353,3352,3351,3350,3349,3348,3347"]