Nike SB's and Brian Anderson's Project B.A. is a runner-inspired silhouette designed specifically for skating. If you looked at the majority of the skate shoe market you’d be right to say Brian Anderson has come up with something completely out of left field. If anything the Project B.A. harks back to skate shoe designs of the late 90s early 2000s, there may even be a hint of inspiration from his pro model on the short-lived brand Savier.

You have to hand it to the SB team, they aren’t afraid of trying something different with their shoe designs. Look at the Janoski now one of the best selling shoes of all time but when it was first released people hadn’t really seen anything like it in the skate game. The same can be said of the Project B.A. (Click on the images to check them out on our online store) nike-sb-project-ba-anthricite-black-light-crimson-1_630W nike-sb-project-ba-anthricite-black-light-crimson-2_630W