Baseline is the first skate shop in South Africa to stock the slimmed down 837 and the skinny 827 Dickies trousers . At R380 and R320 these are priced well for skateboarders. The official skate team:


Vincent Alvarez : 25 Years Old : Los Angeles : Professional Vincent will be serving his third year with the Dickies team.Vincent has proven time and time again that he is proud to be a part of the Dickies skate team through his hard work for us. He is a true work horse, and it’s that work ethic that makes him such a genuine advocate for the Dickies brand.


Dan Plunkett : 27 Years Old : Atlanta, GA : Professional This is Dan’s second year with Dickies, and he has been an excellent addition to our team. Like all of our riders, he is a hard worker, and his laid back demeanor makes him a pleasure to be around. Dan will be moving from Atlanta, GA to Berkeley, CA early on this year to be closer to the home of his board sponsor: Skate Mental.


Peter Hewitt : 40 Years Old : Ocean Beach, CA : Professional/Legend This will be Peter’s second year on the Dickies skate team, and his presence on the skate team made Dickies stock in the skateboarding world skyrocket even more than expected. Peter is one of the main reasons why skaters wear Dickies. Just going on tours with Peter last year, you could see the pure joy in skate shop owner’s faces when they had a chance to talk one on one with Peter over a beer. Having Peter a part of the team makes all of our other rider’s genuinely excited to ride for the team, and he keeps spirits high whenever there are long hours on the road.


KEVIN TERPENING : 25 Years Old : Los Angeles, CA : Professional Kevin will be on his 4th year riding for Dickies this year, and he has become a sort of “cult classic” among the skate community. Anything coverage he puts out is received well due to his nonstop pursuit of being true to himself as he can be. There are no gimmicks to Kevin’s skating, and it shows in everything he does. He will be turned professional in the upcoming months for all his hard work.


Stevie Perez : 22 Years Old : North Hollywood, CA : Professional Stevie has become an overnight sensation, and one of the most in demand skaters in the world due to his part in Chocolate Skateboards world wide hit video “Pretty Sweet” that came out November 2012. Stevie quickly was bumped to the professional status this past year due to his amazing talent on the board. Aside from being an amazing skater, he is as nice of a human as they come, and is always a pleasure to be around because he is so genuinely nice. Kids come up at every demo asking for photos with Stevie because he doesn’t give off an intimidating presence and kids relate to him and his personality. He’s been a great addition to our squad.


Jon Sciano: 20 Years Old : Los Angeles, CA : Amateur Jon went from underground amateur to upcoming ripper in 2013 due to his amazing video he put out for Thrasher Magazine. You would never know Jon was only 20 years old for how mature both his skating and attitude is. He has quickly become our go-to guy for gnarly skating on tour, and he gets everyone in the van stoked to ride when he does something incredible on the board. He is a perfect pick for new amateur for the Dickies brand.


Ronnie Sandoval: 17 Years Old : San Pedro, CA : Amateur Ronnie is a child prodigy in skateboarding. The things he can do on a board take your average skater years to figure out, but growing up at one of the hardest places on earth to skate (Channel Street Skatepark), Ronnie has quickly become one of the few skaters of his kind. Like Jon, you would never know Ronnie was only 17 years old. His mature demeanor makes him a pleasure to be around, and he is excited to be a part of the Dickies team, making him an awesome advocate for the brand.