December 04, 2014

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What you got? Diamond Supply, Dickies & Dope Industries

Sorry guys, I didn't manage to get yesterday's post up, we received a shit load of product but more on that later today (keep an eye out on our FB page)

Today we're gonna highlight Diamond Supply, Dickies and Dope Industries.

 Diamond Supply Co.

The California based skateboard accessory and clothing line was started in 1998 by skateboarder/designer Nick Tershay AKA Nick Diamond. 


Dickies have been around since before The Great Depression and will still be here when we're all gone. Classic gear at really affordable prices. We started stocking Dickies just recently and we don't sell any other work pants now.

Dope Industries

Dope Industries is a Cape Town based clothing brand that was started in 1998 by our good friend Jamie O'Brien. If you're looking for a local brand has had local skater's backs then check out what Dope Ind has to offer.

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