We're stoked to release the first ever Baseline Team boards. The finest US hard rock maple manufactured by Generator in the USA. 

We collaborated with John-Alex Second to create this graphic that encompasses every rider and staff member of Baseline's motley crew.

The first in what will be a continuum, we will keep producing the finest skateboards around. Get off that cheap Chinese maple and get some!
Click on the image to purchase the board from our online store.
We asked John a few questions about himself and the process.
Baseline: What do you do for a living, are you a full-time photographer?
John Second: I work for various people, related to photography. 
BL: What sort of stuff do you usually shoot?
JS: Street, mostly. 
BL: Do you shoot skateboarding at all?
JS: Not really,
I did some things with Jamie, but thats about it.
BL: Is this your first skateboard graphic?
JS: Yes.
BL: What was the inspiration behind this board graphic?
JS: I figured that I had to sell the idea of making portraits of the Baseline crew better to Adrian and Clint, haha.
Really though, I liked the idea of making something out of a series of photographs,
It made sense to construct a character out of the portraits, that could represent Baseline.
I made a mock up ( from a previous, similarly styled series) and showed it to them
BL: Who was the most difficult to photograph, did the guys give you any issues?
JS: Probably Khulu, just because he never stopped moving around, other than that everyone was really easy about it.
BL: How did you edit the piece, what process did you go through to make your final selection?
JS: The piece is made up of the portrait series.
Once I had my selection I made prints and started tearing and sticking pieces together, if it wasn’t working I just tried another.
There was also input from Adrian and Clint on the character, which played a part in its final form.
BL: Where can we see more of your work?