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Young & Lazy

by Warwick Herholdt 25 May 2015
Young and Lazy is a street and sports wear oriented clothing brand out of Cape Town, South Africa. Started by Anees Petersen in 2009 as a means to express a long time desire to create streetwear, the brand has grown immensely over the subsequent years.
While the mission to produce simple, functional street wear staples has never been abandoned, as is evidenced by the constant stream of collections and refined basics that the brand puts out throughout the year, they have recently added women's fashion and accessories and a skate department to their already impressive portfolio.
Since Anees himself skates, skating has always indirectly informed the brand and it has always been an important part of the lifestyle that the brand is built around. It is only very recently however, that Young and Lazy Skate has become an official arm of the Young and Lazy massive. 
"A skate department has always been part of the plan for the brand, but up until very recently I've been unsure as to how launch the whole skate thing. Luckily, everything happened very organically with Manie. The response we had to his capsule was amazing and it really communicated what we wanted to, and set the tone for where we see ourselves within the skate scene. Dennis coming into the picture has also been a very natural thing and has added a whole other dimension to what we have to offer!"
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