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About Parra.

by Warwick Herholdt 19 Aug 2015
Dutch artist Parra (1976) is best known for his curved
post-Pop imagery, highly saturated colours, vibrant handdrawn
letters and worlds inhabited by hybrid, surreal
characters. Celebrated by galleries and championed by an
underground following from the outset, Parra has quickly
become a respected and eclectic artist worldwide. Working
across drawing, painting, animation and sculpture, Parra
creates an enigmatic and instantly recognisable style
that defies easy categorisation.

As an extension of his endeavors he developed the Parra
Homeware and Apparel brand where you can find distinct
styles that defy his taste and reflect his work in the
shape of locally produced high quality garments, blankets,
vases and various other accessories.
Parra lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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