Faceooze was thought up by our team rider Justus Kotze; a skateboarder, illustrator and fine artist from Cape Town. Most of the characters he draws are not generated from subject matter, instead he takes his drawing tools to a surface and just starts forming his creation right there and then. 
In his own words, “the name Faceooze doesn’t mean anything specific, just that I like drawing faces and distorting them”.

This series is an idea created to give people the opportunity to own a hand drawn T-shirt by Faceooze, that is limited to 15 one-offs. Each T-shirt has its own unique graphic, making your T-shirt the only existing one. 

The hand drawn graphics were done with high quality fabric pens, and heat pressed to seal the graphic.

The durability has been wash-tested over 5 months, and the colour held up to 80% vibrancy.

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