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by Warwick Herholdt 14 Dec 2017
What's Faux Pas all about? Well, it's about nothing. And everything.
The idea for the board brand, was in reaction to how serious skateboarding has become. Whilst we're serious about skateboarding, people in skateboarding sometimes take themselves too seriously. We're serious.
So for the first run we took some of our favourite comedians and turned them pro. We went to Generator Woodshop and demanded the finest manufacturing in the modern world.
Faux Pas is a Bro Co. - we'll give one-off guest models to ripping friends - and then attack and praise popular culture all in the same directionless mess.
There is no team and we only have one secret rider. So in terms of Faux Pas, there is an I in TEAM.
If we've confused you more, we're doing things right.
Almost all sizes available from 8' to 8'75. T's and codpieces in store and online.
Bro's Before Pro's.
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