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Justus Kotze - Art for Sale

by Clint van der Schyf 02 May 2020

Baseline team rider Justus Kotze started an art project when lockdown began and we have a few of the items available to purchase on our online store - Here!

Justus sent over some info about his art too: I have been involved in a number of exhibitions showcasing my art in various different forms and mediums along with 6 years of freelance graphic design and illustration work. My fine art projects ranged from doing a series of Hand drawn T-shirts for Baseline, art with recycled old skateboards; doing art on 3 dimensional objects like a guitar, tambourine, surfboards, tote bags, masks, murals and engravings on super wood blocks and leather. These can all be viewed on my behance profile - Here!

I have tried for years to keep progressing as an artist and pushing myself to think outside the box, instead having a certain style or perfecting only one certain medium. What skateboarding taught me over the years is that you should constantly evolve and adapt to different terrain or mediums. in this case to help keep it interesting and fresh for myself.

I have always been interested in tattooing and the practice, to me it is the most superior medium of art forms, which has always gravitated me towards it. I was blessed with the opportunity to apprentice under Manuela Gray for the past year. I created this series of artworks to display my interpretation of the American Traditional tattoo, Traditional Cartoon and the black and Grey shading style. But it is also a showcase for my Flash that will be available for tattooing once I’m operational. All works are done with a Black 8.0 pt ink pen, water colour and coffee stained afterwards. One of each original and a limit of 5 prints per design are available at Baseline. 

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