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Red Bull 'Dala The City'

by Clint van der Schyf 15 Aug 2018
Red Bull ‘Dala The City’ was a skateboarding contest with a difference, instead of individuals, it was all about crews! Not just skating against each other, but rolling together on the streets of downtown Johannesburg as one huge posse. The event created the opportunity for 8 prominent crews to meet one another and hang out on the streets together, an organic skate event that played out in the spaces that JHB crews frequent on a weekly basis. Crews from Cape Town and Durban were flown in to join the 5 JHB crews, plus one that made the short drive over from Pretoria. Everybody gathered in Braamfontein on Sunday morning to meet one another and to find out what the plan would be for the day. Each crew would have 4 members plus 1 reserve. 2 skaters from each crew could skate a particular spot, they would then have to sit out at the next spot, giving the other 2 members an opportunity. The idea was that every member of the crew would have the opportunity to participate, and in the end it was a collective effort.

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