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by Adrian Day 06 Apr 2016


Some time long ago [I'm old and my brain is fried], Etnies and Baseline held the Casting Call at Mill Street Park, while the Etnies pro team were in town.

Guys had a couple hours to get selected to film a video part over the course of the next few days. Three guys held it down and were sent out to get the footy. They were Theo Setsetse, Enwin Gelant and Toufeeq Raubenheimer. We uploaded the videos and you the public, had to decide on who had the best part, and would thus be eligible for a years supply of Etnies. 
The voting was close and the difference between guys was marginal, but Theo ended up garnering the most votes. Congrats Theo! Go cash in your chips! And well done also to Enwin and Toufeeq - you guys killed it, but there can be only one.



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