* We're still working on our team page, but here's the basic run down for now.

Adrian Day

Mr. Skateboarding himself. His experience stretches back decades through every regrettable trend in skateboarding, from tiny wheels to enormous T-shirts, he’s seen it all come and go. What he offers in terms of keeping Baseline stocked with the finest products, more than makes up for his tragic organisational abilities. He is an influencer in the skateboarding industry and he fronts a band called Bilderberg Motel which naturally makes him somewhat popular with Cape Town’s female contingent. He also sets the trends for Nike SB and RVCA. “You have no idea how big of an issue this is!”

Clint van der Schyf

If you have ridden a skateboard in the last 20 years you should know Clint. Besides being one of the greatest skaters of all time out of SA, Clint’s true skills lie in juggling. Yes, juggling. Because this maniac juggles Baseline, AV Skateboarding, Session Magazine, his multi-media design company, two daughters, a Daschund, a cat, a wife, shop fitting, furniture design and probably a thousand more things. All to his own exalted style of perfection and obsession. Clint’s also surfing better than Johnny Utah.

Dlamini Dlamini

Dlamini is the latest addition to the Baseline team. Besides the fact that Dlam rips beyond, we put him on the team because we felt bad for him. For months and months he’d hang out in the store with sad eyes, dreaming of joining us. To be on the BL team you generally have to be good at a] skateboarding, and b] lurking. Dlam scored 100% on his lurk test, and his skateboarding didn’t score too badly either. Dlamini also lurks for Adidas and Official.

Khulu Dlamini

Khulu is one of those Long Street hustler types. A hustler large on the party scene, a broke skateboarder living the high life. On a skateboard he’s killing it. Lanky styles for miles. He is also currently very invested in Dylan-esque style, tucking in V-necks and rolling up every cuff. Khulu also hustles and parties for Adidas Skateboarding, RVCA and Element.

Kanya Spani

Kanya was on that Cell C or Vodacom or whatever ad that we all hated. And he claims that as a video part, like he hit the ceiling and everyone is below. He thinks he’s the PDiddy of CTitty or something. Yeah none of you believe me anyway, these are all lies and Kanya straight kills and has the biggest smile around. From Baseline to Berlin, Spani leaves a style stain wherever he goes. Besides us, he also embarrasses Element, Nike SB and Dope Clothing. Ahaaaaaaaa!

Yann Horowitz

If we had a South African skater of the year award, Yann would have probably won the last few. But he doesn’t really care about that shit fool. A Cardiel type man, Yann has long since shed the shackles of bad fashion inspired by drug addled revivalists and is now in Man Mag’s hottest 100 athletes of 2015. Yann also models for Familia Skateboards, Adidas and Hell.

Loucas Polydorou

Short, angry Greek / Afrikaners are a rare find as I see it, however Loucas has been on the scene since he was about 12 years old. A bright young skateboard child super-star who was corrupted by fame, a young man battling the vices of stardom as well as the preservation of his artform. Now over the hill at 26 [?], he is clutching to the last fragments of sanity fuelled by his illegal pursuit of true skateboarding in a land of trigger happy cops, shitty styles and unacceptable trick selection. Loucas is also on the run for Familia Skateboards and Nike SB.

Pieter Retief

Pieter will moer you on the back of your own bloody bakkie. When not physically buggered, you’ll see him grinding through Indy’s and going 100 miles an hour. Piet has been shredding since the early 1800’s and was a leading figure during The Great Trek. Pieter’s drinking is also not disimilar to his skateboarding approach. Fast, wreckless, dangerous. Pieter is a frontiersman for Adidas Skateboarding and Funisu Skateboards. 

Justin Leslie

This dude is a part of the Baseline furniture and has been since 1998. He won the Take Sides Powerslide contest with a 1000m backside drift with a Tafel beer in his hand. Justin has a toolbox at all times and we suspect he gets up to wild MacGuyver shit late at night. An enigmatic character, Justin can’t wait to ‘get involved’ with pretty much everything, be it street fights, anything DIY, and molotov cocktails. Warning: A couple drinks and anything can happen… Justin also skates for Converse, Enthusiasm Skateboards, Optimism Wheels and Postitivity griptape.

Luke Jackson

Jackson doesn’t actually work here anymore. He quit for greener pastures at Converse and Session Magazine. Yet we still can’t seem to get rid of him.

Donovyn Le Roux

Don is our resident instagrammer and chief music co-ordinator, and will happily spend R1500 mail ordering himself a Fucking Awesome T-shirt. He has recently undergone a massive make-over thanks to Luke and the Cherry video, and his skating has taken on a Quartersnacks approach.