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'20 Years of Baseline' Tour

by Clint van der Schyf 10 Dec 2018
Baseline is 20 years old, founded in 1998 by Jonathan Muir and still thriving today under the ownership of life-long skateboarders Clint van der Schyf and Adrian Day. 20 years is a great milestone for any skate shop to reach, but for a skate shop in South Africa to make it to 20 years, that's something particularly special! So we had to do something to mark the occasion.

We assembled a crew for a 3-day mini tour to the southern Cape. Our friends at Vans ZA said they were keen to support our birthday trip and thanks to them we managed to make it happen with one of the largest local skate tour crews that's ever been put together. The Baseline CT team riders in attendance were Joshua Chisholm, Pieter Retief, Dlamini Dlamini, Justus Kotze and Yann Horowitz. Plus we flew in our JHB-based team riders Brendan Dyamond and Daniel Miltiadou. Original team rider Justin Leslie has been on the team since Baseline started 20 years ago, and he was just able to join us for our first skate mission in Strand on day 1, but unfortunately team rider Wynand Herholdt was busy on a film job and couldn't make it. We also had Baseline family members Khulu Dlamini, Charl Jensel, Luke Jackson and the boss man Clint van der schyf on the mission. But that's not all, we also invited our friend Jamie O'Brien (who is celebrating 20 years of his brand Dope Industries this year too), our old mate Gavin Scott who flew in from JHB, CT mates Dennis Collins, Bongi Manyala and Juan Smit, as well as another JHB friend who is in town for the month, Levi Webb. Our campsite tally on day 1 was 20 people! On day two we were joined by boss man Adrian Day and more mates in the form of Darren Jacoby and JJ Harris. Dennis departed late on Saturday afternoon, so our tally of campers for night 2 was 22!

The original idea was to head toward Hermanus, where Baseline first started back in 98, before Jonathan later moved it to Cape Town. We knew there were spots to skate in the small towns around the southern Cape area too, not to mention some epic places to camp. The first night we camped on a beautiful farm on the edge of Greyton and the second was spent at the Palmiet campsite right on the beach, on the edge of Kleinmond. We didn't actually even make it to Hermanus in the end, but we did skate in Strand, Caledon, Kleinmond and Gordon's Bay during the 3 day tour.

Check out some pics below and stay tuned for the video coming soon!

Daniel floating over some rust at 'Smoothies' in Strand.

Clint front board, the 'Boss Man' still has it!

Justin transfers with a nose stall pull-over, BL's original team rider.

Dlamini back 180 fakie 5-0s, then turns it back to regular.

Jamie is celebrating '20 Years of Dope Industries' too!

Choms already hungover on day 1.

Justus with a massive booster. Unfortunately Joubert missed it on
video, but this shot right here was the land.

Daniel floated a few for the choms.

Next stop was Strand beachfront.

Khulu ends his footage drought with a wallie transfer to noseslide.

Josh always brings the hype!

Justus puts his very large pop to good use with a tall nosebluntslide.

Joubert filming for Baseline, Ryder shooting for Chakalakka.

Juan with a quick crook bonk.

Session over and we push on to Caledon, Justin bids us farewell.

Quick-hitter Session on the church rail in Caledon.
Josh bangs a back 50 just before the local cops tell us to move on.

Stocking up for the first night of camping.

Heavy discussions about what would have happened on the rail if we didn't get bust.

Tent city in the forest at Greyton Eco Camp.

Friday evening sunset swim in Greyton.

Cooling off after a long and hot day.

Justus trying to walk on water.

Pieter got the fire going early.

Pieter earns his title as 'Braai master' while most of the crew get dysfunctionally intoxicated.
Khulu yelled so much the first night that the camp manager came to pay us a visit to intervene.

Trying to wash away the hangover on Saturday morning.

Then the boys started drinking again before breakfast.

Pieter goes in search of wood for a landing while most of the choms debate what
they could be able to do on this rail in Greyton.

Hos ja!

Dlamini catches a switch front shuv back in Caledon, while
everyone else tries to stay in the shade.

The gap ended up providing a good session for over an hour, plenty went down!

Brendan 50-50s and gaps out over the rough.

Juan wallies straight into the rough.

Brendan then got the smith grind to gap out, all the choms resting in the shade.

The we pushed on to Kleinmond, Daniel didn't hesitate for a second when
thinking about trying this drop-in at the crusty old ramp just outside of town.
He took a hit for the enjoyment of the team.

Daniel can crush any transition, frontside ollie for the choms.

Half the guys skated the ramp, the other half drank in the carpark.

Justus nosepicks on the Baseline bench.

Stocking up for night 2 of camping, 5 trolleys!

22 strong on night 2 at the Palmiet campsite in Kleinmond.

Shiffman trying to go wizard on his first skate road trip.

Ryder AKA 'Floor' got buried on the beach. First one to pass out
always gets a hard time.

On Sunday morning we tried to make a slippery slide into the sea.
It kind of worked and kind of didn't, either way it provided some laughs.

Catching one last dip and enjoying the view in Gordon's Bay on the way home.

Josh was the only one to skate on Sunday, he still had this
Gordon's Bay boardslide in him. 

Big thanks to Vans ZA for making it all possible!
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