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Chakalakka Premiere and Baseline Birthday Party

by Clint van der Schyf 18 Dec 2018
The long-awaited and much anticipated Chakalakka video by Ryder Nel finally premiered at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town. The seats were packed beyond capacity to witness this independent VX video that features Baseline team riders Justus Kotze, Pieter Retief, Dlamini Dlamini and Yann Horowitz. It co-incided with our ongoing '20 Years of Baseline' celebrations and the afterparty at Yours Truly on Loop Street was essentially our Birthday Party in the city, following on from our camping trip. Thanks to Vans ZA for supporting by hooking up the theatre and throwing in cash for our bar tab! Thanks to Alex and Mannie for handling the music and to Mosako Chalashika for capturing the following photos:

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