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Familia Skateboards - Disappearance Series

by Warwick Herholdt 30 Oct 2015

Familia just dropped their new series, Disappearance is dedicated to the ongoing problem we're facing in an ever growing global takeover of our natural resources. S.Galyle Stevens's, Disappearance tries to highlight the problem pesticides have on one of our major pollinators, the Honeybee.

In 2015 pesticides and loss of habitat are endangering our pollinators and our bird population once again. This concern is the inspiration for this science-based work from 2014-2015. The mammoth wet plate tintype photograms in Disappearance represent thousands of dead honeybees. The photogram silhouettes are shadows of bees that once lived, and the large plates show the enormity of the issue, Colony Collapse Disorder. The purpose is to create greater awareness of the problem. Whenever possible, Gayle works with local apiarists, having them speak on CCD and the importance of our pollinators. Ten percent of the sales from Gayle’s artwork are donated to local apiarists or to the Xerces Foundation, a not for profit organisation for the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats.

Disappearance 16, available in 8 and 8.125


You can find the new Familia series online and in store.

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