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Baseline Realife S01E12 - "Road to 2020"

by Clint van der Schyf 11 Sep 2018
This week's episode is the season finale of Baseline Realife Season 01. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the past 12 episodes. We've had a lot of fun putting this series together and value your support. Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel, hit the like button on our videos and drop us a comment - it all helps to keep making these videos for you possible.

In this episode, Indigo Youth Movement sets up a donation box in the shop. Be sure to bring in your old gear to Baseline and drop it in the box - Indigo Youth Movement will make sure it finds it's way to the right kids in the Cape flats and other areas around the Cape who are in desperate need of shoes, clothing and skateboards. We all know how much skateboarding has helped us out in our lives - and most of us who can afford to buy skate gear have come from pretty comfy backgrounds compared to the kids who will receive the goods in the box - so let's give back as much as we can. You can also donate directly to Indigo Youth Movement - all details are on their website: - Get involved and help change lives through skateboarding.

We then head to The Shred Skate Park to catch up with some of the Baseline team. The team has not been performing lately and it's been putting Luke's job on the line. Watch him take action as he prepares them for the 2018 Vans Bowl Series Continental Championships, being held in Cape Town, which is also the qualifier for the 2020 Olympic Games Skateboarding World Championships.
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