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HEART - A Tribute to Skateshops - Part 1

by Warwick Herholdt 12 Jan 2024

Baseline was invited to be part of French artist Lucas Beaufort's book, HEART, celebrating 40 years of skateshops’ history.

This 32 minute long documentary is a love letter to all the skateshops and their community of artists, photographers and friends. This film is a sequel to the HEART book released in 2022.

Following this book, Lucas Beaufort wanted to visit all the skateshops to curate art shows and honor all the people who brought the skateshop to life.

Part 1 includes the following stores: Slam City (London) Welcome (Madrid) Nine One One (Bruges) Civilist (Berlin) Nozbone (Paris)

You can purchase a copy of HEART from our online store here. 

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