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MIRADOR - A Journey to a New Perspective

by Clint van der Schyf 05 Mar 2020
A Journey to a New Perspective - Take a ride around the Volcanic isle of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for the first skate edit filmed with FPV. Concept creator, Marco Savino, wanted to capture the super dramatic scenery of the island, from sand dunes to mountains through the eyes of skateboarders, sharing a different perspective to your classic skate edit. An international line-up of skaters featured Brazilian Gabriel Fortunado, Slovakian Marek Zaprazny and South African skater Dlamini Dlamini and the trio invited local skater Carlos Cardenosa to join them with his local insight during the 4-day shoot.

Concept and Editing: Marco Savino FPV Filmer: @red_fpv
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