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Where to From Here - 'Missing' Bangkok feature

by Clint van der Schyf 08 Apr 2018
Pieter Retief recently started his own company “Where to from here”. His goal is to create content on his own accord and for brands. This is his first production through @_wheretofromhere - Supported by adidas. If it's content for brands or his own productions, he's still very motivated to keep pushing skateboarding, ways of travel and the documentation thereof; here and around the world.

Pieter Retief noseslide - Photo Albert Retief

Here is what Pieter had to say about Bangkok:

The slight breeze coming through the train window as we headed out of town and the air-conditioned trams in the inner city felt like small treats before the sun beat down on us again. The heat was unbearable and trying to escape it was virtually impossible. It was all worth it though, as the crew of six embarked on their first skateboarding team trip abroad. Amazing Asian cuisine, affordable living and great spots were only some of the draw cards to document skateboarding in Bangkok. The excitement was real and knowing that the next seventeen days would be spent exploring the unknown made you appreciate every moment. You learn a lot on trips like these, not just about cultures and the people around you, but how to inspire others and be inspired to keep traveling the world. You can celebrate after landing tricks, but it’s about way more than that, sharing experiences with friends is the ultimate gift. Traveling with such a diverse group of characters really keeps you on your toes. These guys are living for the moment and you never know what will happen next. Amongst the crew you have Yann Horowitz, Josh Chisholm and Dlamini Dlamini. Finding the balance between skateboarding and the bright lights proved difficult at times, but knowing these guys they will always deliver the goods! We could not have asked for a better outcome, or for such support and generosity from the locals.

Thank you Bangkok!

Filmed and edited by Adriaan Louw

Here are a few photos documenting Dlamini Dlamini, Yann Horowitz, Joshua Chisholm and Pieter himself, cruising around Bangkok:

Dlamini Dlamini nollie backside flip - Photo Pieter Retief

Josh Chisholm backside lipslide - Photo Pieter Retief

Yann Horowitz backtail - Photo Pieter Retief

Yann Horowitz boardslide transfer - Photo Pieter Retief

Yann Horowitz blunt to fakie - Photo Pieter Retief

Josh Chisholm lipslide - Photo Albert Retief

Pieter Retief nosebonk - Photo Albert Retief

Yann Horowitz frontside boardslide transfer - Photo Albert Retief
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