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The Picnic - Converse x Baseline

by Clint van der Schyf 27 Nov 2019
The Picnic was a Converse skate jam that went down this past Saturday in Cape Town. Over 40 skaters spent an afternoon traveling around the city and surrounds together in a large convoy, to skate spots in Goodwood, Athlone and downtown at Civic. The Shred's picnic table and our Baseline benches were used to spice up the existing spots. Converse sneakers and Baseline Converse vouchers were up for grabs during a variety of 'best trick' challenges, and even a fun race challenge went down in Goodwood. Converse also hooked up pizzas for the large crew that gathered. Check out the event coverage below.

Photos by Grant McLachlan:

Photos by Phoenix Jurgens:

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