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by Warwick Herholdt 10 May 2024

It took Vans a while but they finally found Tom. And so, Vans is excited to announce that ‘Where is Tom?’ – the highly anticipated sequel to 2020’s Tom’s Tales is now live over on Thrasher.

 Tom the Cooler’s been on a bit of a ride with us. After his starring role in Tom’s Tales back in 2020, he retreated from the limelight – shying away from the fame that comes with being in a Vans Europe skate film. But we dragged him out of his den, and he joined the crew on a jaunt around Europe, including stops in Athens, Barcelona, Lisbon, Hamburg and more, to film the new full-length film. 

 ‘Where is Tom?’ features Baseline rider, Yann Horowitz and a host of Vans Europe and local athletes.

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